Celebrities that served as GAP model in the past

I gathered the images of overseas celebrities that served as GAP model in the past.

Sure he is!? Lots of celebrities in GAP campaign

GAP have appointed not only the professional model for the campaigns of denim, chino or holidays etc, and also appointed the actors and musicians. Unexpected celebrities seemed to participate it in the past. Let’s check who is in there!!

Chris O’Donnell, an actor who is active in American TV dramas

Chris O’Donnell who took part in the worldwide popular serial drama “NCIS LA” is appointed in 2007 campaign. Wild & sexy.

The amount of hair in his forehead is different from now ! Christian Slater

TV drama that Christian Slater acts as a leading role was discontinued in a single season in a row. Then he returned to the mainstream by the hit of “ROBOT”. This is the campaign in 2002. The impression of his forehead is different!

Cute + Cool!! John Mayer

Rather than talk about John Mayer’s music, he is well-known by the gossip with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. He appeared in the campaign in 2007. The contrast between his expression with a little innocence and monochrome is cool.

Spanish Popular Actor, Diego Luna

As a representative Spanish actor, Diego Luna is active not only in Spain but also in Hollywood. He performs in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” released in the winter of 2016. He looked like a boy in this campaign. His hairstyle is cute and blue hoody suits him.

More like an adult than now? Kate Mara

Kate Mara, an older sister of Rooney Mara, performed the movie “The Martian”. Her impression seems easily to be changed by her hairstyle, so she looks natural but sexy and adult in this picture.

The Japanese celebrity we are proud of, Ken Watanabe also appeared!

GAP have stores around the world and they adopted various racial models in the campaign such as Ken Watanabe also appears as the representative of Asia in the campaign in 2007 . He shows sexy style with shirt we can hardly see in Japan. Three top buttons are opened!!

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