This is important for hydrated skin. Our recommended cleansing products + bonus

Beautiful skin = hydrated skin. While moisturizing is, of course, important in skincare, try being conscious of you cleansing and facial cleansing habits! We will now introduce our recommended cleanse.

When it comes to cleansing oil, it has to be Shu Uemura

  Even though Shu Uemura’s Ultime 8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil is made from 98% natural ingredients, it does an excellent job or removing makeup. The product feels good on your skin, and even though it is an oil product, it can also be used on eyelash extensions.

When you are tired and don’t feel like doing anything, being able to cleanse just one wipe is a blessing

  Bioderma Sensibio H2O D is known as a cleanser that even people with sensitive skin can use, and is popular for that reason. We recommend the mini-sized version as it is a cosmetic that can be brought onto the plane when you’re travelling. Before landing, wipe your face with this cleanser and put on your makeup for a refreshed feel.

The gem that made cleansing balms a trend

  While the balm feels grainy, once you smooth it onto your skin, in a twinkling, it becomes soft and stretches. With the effect of the cosmetic oil, after washing your skin will feel moist and hydrated.

Affordable yet excellent cosmetics that can be bought in drugstores

  This specialized All Clear Oil can be bought in a neighborhood drugstore, can be used in the bath, and is in an easy-to-use pump style, a product that is a collection of good points. It can also eliminate darkening of the skin and dark spots.    

A longtime selling product that sells one bottle every 4 seconds

FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil is a long-selling product that had gone through multiple improvements. While it is an oil that is both gentle on the skin and refreshing, even waterproof mascara can be removed with just a swipe. With a formula that retains moisture, if you continue to use it you won’t feel your skin drying out.

Bonus. For the mornings when you just want to sleep in

  While this is not cleansing, we would like to introduce to you a special item. On days where you are just too sleepy, cover your face with a Saborino Morning Face Mask when you wake up. In 60 seconds, this product cleans your face, cares for your skin, and even moisturizes deeply into your skin all at once.   The condition of your skin worsens with the seasonal changes. In this situation, instead of changing your skincare items, like your toner or serum, changing your cleansing routine could be the shortcut to hydrated skin!

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