Can’t stop falling in love with this dreamy family photo of Camila Alves, Mrs.of Matthew McConaughey

Camila Alves , a model/entrepreneur from Brazil , married to Matthew McConaughey. Pick up some of the SNS uploaded photos of her and her family.

Camila Alves, married to actor Matthew McConaughey, uploads photos of her beloved husband Matthew and adorable 3kids on Instagram, and Elly loves to check those up. Here are some of those photos, so come take a peek!

Who is Camila Alves?

Camila Alves, a model from Brazil, now runs her own company and also is dedicated to NPO work. Matthew McConaughey, the former playboy who used to have gossipy life with models and actress in early 2000s, Penelope Cluz, has changed 180degrees ever since he met Camila and is now totally committed to her. Hats off to Camila!

Mommy, yet gorgeous!

A photo from Valentine’s day. I guess this photo was taken by some paparazzi, but look at her with amazing shape! You can’t believe she is a mother of 3, and no doubt Matthew keeps falling in love with her.

Beauty overload! A photo with her baby girl.

This photo was uploaded on 7years old birthday of her first daughter, Vida, when she was a little baby. Look at that dreamy long eyelashes!

All dressed up for movie premier.

A photo at the movie premier of “SING”, with Stevie Wonder. Those moments make celebrities’ kids “a good dresser” for sure. The one of the kind dress looks perfect on Camila.

Deck out for dad’s special day!

This photo is from a while ago, when Matthew introduced into the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and put his own star plate on the street. Camila wore a chic dress and kids were all dressed up too. They are like Royal family in those elegant outfits!


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