Do you know Mr. International, a male version of Miss. Universe?

I made a summary of Mr. International contest, the male version of Miss. Universe, that Japanese representative won 2nd grade.

The 11st “Mr. International world contest” in this year was held in Bangkok, Thailand. Handsome men coming from 35 of countries all over the world competed to become the world No.1.

Surprisingly, Japanese representative Masaya Yamazaki was won a 2nd grade!

Masaya Yamazaki, who is Mr. Japan2016, joined the contest as a Japanese representative. He is now 24 years old, and his body is slim but muscling in good balance made from his swimming experience for 20 years. At the world contest, they needed to do walking with wearing the costume of an icon of their each country. Costume of Yamazaki was Happi coat and Geta shoes!

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Masaya Yamazaki

Yamazaki beat other rivals in each country and excellently won 2nd grade! You could see he was very popular among foreigners on comments on the Internet. It is amazing that Japanese representative won the 2nd handsome man in the world!

World No.1 attractive man was Lebanese representative, 24 years old

By beating Japanese representative Yamazaki, Paul Iskandar from Lebanon won the world No.1 attractive man. He is a handsome guy with height 1m98cm. As might be expected of a Lebanese representative, he has a distinct face. He is currently working as a fitness instructor and aim at being a lawyer in future. Elly will be in trouble if there is such handsome lawyer.

Mr. Japan 2017 who is going to join the world contest next year will be announced on 14th March

The man chosen as a Mr. Japan 2017 will join Mr. International world contest next year. The competition of Mr. Japan will be held on 14th March! If you want to “buy rice before harvest” of worldwide handsome men, you are better to check Japanese competition.


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