It is like a secret flower garden! 2017SS Haute couture collection presented by new DIOR

In 2017SS Haute couture collection of DIOR, the first female designer debuted. I made a summary of the show caught everyone’s eye due to its large-scale mechanics and gorgeous party.

DIOR announced a first haute couture collection produced by Maria Grazia Chiuri by a new artistic director. The show I gonna introduce caught everyone’s eye even in other fashion industry.

First female designer of DIOR was born

After a sudden resignation of Raf Simons, there were a lot of rumors about who is going to be newly hired. New creative director was finally assigned to Maria Grazia Chiuri, who had contributed for reborn of Valentino. Elly also liked DIOR designed by Raf Simons, so I was so shocked to hear the news he resigned. Unexpectedly, she is a first woman designer in this brand.


Fairy tale appears in the inner court of Rodin museum

Theshow venue was a special tent set up in Rodin museum in Paris. Real plants like moss and grass spreaded on all over the venue. The venue was covered by the green flavor.

Under the tree located in the central of the venue, many small and cute pieces such as jewelries or cards are hung, like a inside of treasure box that small girl cherished when her childhood!

Romantic dress caught everyone’s eye

There are many dreamy dresses making us feel like wandering in a secret flower garden! Speaking of DIOR, we have a image of flower. All dresses are really delicate and cute. It is like a dream.

Fancy-dress ball after the show!

After the show, the after party held in the late night was surprisingly fancy-dress ball! It is said that masks were enclosed in the invitation letter and sent to guests. We could see the performance like a circus at the entrance. There are horses in backside!

Isabella Hadid also wore the mask. Since her job requires her to show the face, she mostly took off the mask during the party. However, other celebrities, who wanted to enjoy their private time, could relax a lot thanks to the masks. Isabella’s dress is transparent around her breast!

The guest wears the mask. It look like a one scene of the movie. There are various mask types and some people wore the mask hiding most part of face.


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