A surprising collaboration with Louis Vuitton! The immensely popular drama series “Stranger Things”

Speaking of the most talked about drama series now, it has to be the Netflix Original Series, “Stranger Things”. The drama, which is talked about hotly even in Hollywood, has finally seen their popularity jump into the fashion world!  

Believe it or not, more than 300,000 people binge-watched season 2 (watch in one go)

  “Stranger Things” started streaming in 2016. Season 2, which matched its release date with Halloween and started streamed in 2017, set a record of having more than 300,000 people binge-watch (watch streamed dramas etc. in one go) all 9 episodes within 24 hours of it being streamed.  

The stage is the year 1983. Winona Ryder, the actress popular in the 80s, plays the mother

  It seems like movies and dramas set in the 80s are popular in America, and this drama is also set in an American backwater town in 1983. And, speaking of the 80s, Winona Ryder, who was very popular in that time with an idol-like status, plays the mother of the missing boy, and as such, the show gained popularity not just with those who spent their youth in the 80s, but also with the teenagers who are in the age range of the child stars who play the main leads.  

From Zac Efron to Stephen King, even celebrities give it rave reviews

  Zac Efron declared himself a fan from season 1 of the drama, and he also binged season 2 not long after it started streaming. Distinguished mystery writer Stephen King has also tweeted numerous times about this drama, and seems to be crazy about it.  

They have finally entered the world of fashion

  With the drama’s popularity, brands that want to collaborate with them are appearing one after another. As it is also a popular drama with children, while many affordable brands like the British brand Topshop and American brand Target have collaborations with them, they have also appeared in none other than Louis Vuitton’s runway with the “Stranger Things” T-shirt and became a topic.   Netflix’s original drama series, “Stranger Things”. We put the spotlight on the popularity of the drama that even Zac Efron and Stephen King are crazy over.

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