“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”: Special video release

After the tragic ending in “Jurassic World”, Isla Nublar became an island where dinosaurs can live freely. However, a volcano erupted on the island. The dinosaurs, once again, face the danger of becoming extinct.  

Of course, the main lead this time is still Chris Pratt

  While Owen, who was in charge of training the velociraptors in Jurassic Park, and Claire, who was a scientist in charge of operating the company, escaped with their lives in the previous movie, it seems like they are going to have to go back to the island this time.  

Juan Antonio Bayona, the up and coming director, is the one directing this film

  Colin Trevorrow, the director of the previous movie, decided to direct Star Wars: Episode IX, and as such, this time, he joined this project as its producer. Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona was selected to fill his shoes.  

Colin Trevorrow, the producer, uploaded a special video

The director of the previous movie and the producer of the current one, Colin Trevorrow, tweeted from his personal Twitter account a video with the caption “From our Jurassic family to yours.”. The velociraptor shown in the video, could it be the baby of Blue, the velociraptor who appeared in the previous movie?  

The movie opens across America in June 2018. When is the Japanese release date?

The American release date is set for June next year. It is also said that the Japanese release date is likely to be summer of next year. We hope that Chris Pratt comes to Japan!     The dinosaur movie, “Jurassic World” was released in 2015. A special video from the sequel, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”, set to release in 2018, was released!

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