“Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”, a movie where the Japanese premiere is eagerly awaited

The main lead for this work is The Rock! A beautiful girl who loves selfies is transformed into Jack Black!?

The hit movie “Jumanji” from years past has been kicked up a notch for this comeback

  Things that happened on the game board becomes a reality… A movie that centers around “Jumanji”, the most dangerous game in the world. The current movie is a reboot of the hit movie starring Robin Williams back in 1996.  

High school students become avatars and plunge into the world of the game

  In this work, 4 high school students who were in after-school detention found an old electronic game named “Jumanji”. The story starts from the moment these high school students chose the characters that they want to play with and were sucked into the game for some reason.  

An otaku teenager becomes a macho fighter in the game!

  Spencer, an evidently timid otaku teenager, becomes the ultra-macho and brave adventurer Bravestone (a name befitting a fighter)! The actor playing Bravestone was a professional wrestler, a real-life macho, Mr. Dwayne Johnson!  

A girl belonging to the popular group in high school get transformed into a chubby male

Bethany who belongs to the cheerleading department and is located at the top of the school caste is Oberon, a small and chubby zoologist who plays Jack Black in the game world. It reflected in the river Bethany who saw her appearance crazed too much with shock.  

The eagerly awaited Japanese release date is set to be 04/2018.

  While this movie was released in America in December, the Japanese release date is set in April 2018. In the meantime, let’s look at the latest trailer that was released in America to further increase the hype.   The Japanese release date of “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”, a reboot of the movie “Jumanji” released in 1996, has been set.

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