Kate Bosworth, someone who makes everyone want to mimic the way she dresses!

Born in Los Angeles in 1983, Kate Bosworth started her life as an actress when she was just in her teens. The fashion sense that she showed on the red carpet became a hot topic, and she started to appear in advertisements for various brands.

Something that is unimaginable now!? The lead in a location shoot in Hawaii for a movie about surfing

  The film that made her famous was the 2002 movie “Blue Crush”. In this movie, she is playing the Hawaiian girl that the producer is aiming for, something that is very different from her current sporty image. It almost seems like someone else!    

At one point in time, a romantic floral print one-piece dress

  A pink floral print one-piece dress was paired with a black bag and shoes. In order not to spoil the overall adorable image, a plain bag and shoes were chosen, and the hair was left down in a feminine style.  

A mature hairstyle with a minimalistic dress gives off another feeling

  The photograph caught her when she visited the television station to appear in a popular American TV show. A simple but striking Victoria Beckham dress paired with a caramel coat, together with a tight hairdo, results in a coordination that gives off an edgy feeling.  

A simple coordination of a white shirt + denim is just a bit different

  Here, an oversized shirt was paired with denim pants from CITIZENS of HUMANITY. While both the top and the bottom are slightly oversized, there is a balance to the outfit. The secret to that balance is the loosely tucked in shirt and the nuanced length of the pants.  

Like the French actresses of old, a mysterious sheet

  This was a photo shot for an American fashion media feature. As to be expected from an actress, the cut gives the viewer a feel of the story. https://cdn.cliqueinc.com/posts/240352/best-celebrity-interviews-2017-240352-1509307591163-image.1200x0c.jpg?quality=70&interlace=true  

The fashion coordination during vacation focus on ease of movement and comfort

This is a photograph showing her on vacation with her boyfriend in Italy. Her entire coordination is from MiuMiu, featuring a longish one-piece dress that is loose and provides plenty of freedom of movement, as well as Mary Janes without heels, and a sling bag, a coordination that is something that only she, someone used to travelling, can come up with. We also want to mimic her style. https://assets.vogue.com/photos/59a72935c3f99f428736c1eb/master/w_780,c_limit/holding-kate-bosworth-celebrity-style.jpg   Kate Bosworth, an actress now more revered as a fashion icon. She is becoming a regular at the fashion shows of high brands fashion shows, and today, we focus on her fashion.

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