David Beckham in Japan

David Beckham visited Japan 2 times in fall 2016. He was always nice to people wherever he is!

Beckham visited Japan for the first time in 10 years, 2 times in Sep and Nov!

David Beckham visited Japan for the first time in 10 years to participate in “Futsal Match for Kumamoto” as ambassador of Marina Bay Sands. He gave autographs to the fans in Narita Airport, regardless it was a short time. How nice he is!

He saw futsal games of high school students in Kumamoto.

He gave autographs and letters to everyone in U-16 Kumamoto team, which participate in National Sports Festival in Iwate. Yuru-chara in Kumamoto, KUmamon also took a picture with them. *Yuru-chara stands for Yurui character meaning ‘loose character.’     Kumamon first met Beckham “He was so nice and has a good body.” : Sports Hochi Mr David Beckham (41), the former member of England national soccer team, participated in “Marina Bay Sands Futsal Match for Kumamoto” held in Kachidoki, Chuo-ku, Tokyo and encouraged U-16 Kumamoto team members who participate in National Sports Festival in Iwate (held 2-6th Oct 2016) Some members are visited by Kumamoto earthquake in April and Beckham told them that they need to get together with the hard situation.

He also had a shopping in Kiddy Land

He managed to go to Kiddy Land in harajuku in such a hard schedule while he was in Japan. he stayed there for 40 minutes and selected many souvenirs. His boys may have graduated from toys, but I think he bought many toys to his daughter Harper.

He soon came back to Japan in Nov!

This time he visited Japan to attend Adidas event. He attended communication event in BCS SHIBUYA held by Adidas. He answered to the questions from the fans and took pictures at the end of the event. It would be like a dream that we can get an advice about soccer from Beckham!

And he visited Sukiyabashi Jiro again. He is so nice in the rugby shirt!

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