Kate Moss in Japan

Gathered the pictures of Kate Moss, who visited Japan in October 2016, 3 years since her previous visit.

Kate Moss visited Japan for the first time in 3 years.

She took part in “KATE MOSS for DECORTÉ Tokyo Reception”, the event which held in Ebisu by COSME DECORTÉ, which she acts the global ambassador.

She took part in the event held in Ebisu.

Kate tries to end the shooting as saying “I wanna go karaoke”, she never changes how old she becomes.

She danced like mad in Primal Scream live?

The British band Primal Scream was in Japan for their live performance at the same time. Primal Scream and Kate have known each other for a long time and they collaborated in 2003. Even in her short stay, Kate was seen to enjoy dancing at the side of the stage of STUDIO COAST in Shinkiba.  

Of course she perfectly performed her job

Although it was a short time, she visited COSME DECORTÉ shop in Shinjuku Isetan and talked with the staffs there. It would be so surprising if Kate came to workplace!

She also visited HYSTERIC GLAMOUR Roppongi Hills shop, the popular rock bland which Elly loves, and shooted with designer Nobuhiko Kitamura. This style is much more like Kate than dress style!

Most of the celebrities tend to become more conservative with age, but Kate is still having a scandalous life, like dating with young musicians and smoking since she was young. We hope she will visit Japan again soon!            

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