Best Celebrity Man Buns

Elly collected Hollywood celebrities making their hair in dumpling. There are various kinds from wild to beautiful.

“Man Bun” increases 20% handsomeness!?

Though the actors change their hairstyle by role, Elly should not be just the only one to thrill with their unusual sexy appeal when the man with short haircut grew his hair. Elly likes the men making their hair in dumpling is so-called “man bun” in the long hair. This time I tried to collect Hollywood celebrities in man bun style.

Jared Leto Jared Leto in the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony in 2014

Jared Leto participated in the Golden Globe Awards ceremony in 2014. Other than his dumpling hair, he was also wild with beard but it didn’t make him look dirty because he wears a tuxedo. On the other hand, he wears super casual clothes with this hairstyle and beard when he plays in the band, makes him looks like a totally different person and such gap is so cool.

Style Like a Brother Next-Door? Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal was shot when he went to watch a NBA game. He also has a thick beard. By looking closely, the shape of his head is beautiful. The frame itself must be beautiful. So jealous!!

Look like a prince though Man Bun. Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom is the actor to suits the model prince like Legolas in “The Lord of the Ring”. Even if his hairstyle is man bun, there is a feel like a royal image, and also like a prince grown a little of his hair.

He has his own style! Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio makes a speech in the UNCED in 2014. Though he was talking about the importance of tackling the environmental problems towards the world, he wasn’t look gaudy even his hairstyle is man bun.

Is Thor’s hairstyle man bun when he’s off? Chris Hemsworth

When Chris Hemsworth plays Thor in the movie, he fights with his long hair fluttering. But when he’s off, he was shot his hairstyle is man bun frequently.

Elly’s Recommend man bun guy Harry Styles

To be honest, he is not a Hollywood celebrity, but Elly thinks he is the best bun guy among young actors and musicians is Harry Styles of One Direction. This picture is cool too!

Bonus: Why are you so handsome like this though you are a director? Cary Fukunaga

At last, it’s an extra. Film director Cary Fukunaga from LA is a super handsome as you can see, who mixed blood with Scandinavian mother and Japanese father. His look with tuxedo looked more gorgeous than the cast on the red carpet and too good for a director.

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