The fashion and life style of Lupin III was reproduced by the 2nd collaboration with ISETAN

I made a summary of “the 130th anniversary of Isetan ISETAN x Lupin Ⅲ LUPINISSIMO IN ISETAN 2016”, the collaboration event with Lupin Ⅲ in Isetan following to the previous year.

A special event “ISETAN and Lupin III # Sneak into the hideout of ISETAN” held in ISETAN Shinjuku main branch is the 2nd collaboration following to the first one in 2016. This year, the collaboration got more power-up to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the birth of Lupin III.

The collaboration with tailor team and Japanese clothing brand that Japan proud of

Kazunari Arita from “Tailor & Cutter” works on the suit with a motif of Lupin III. Familiar blue jacket and red tie, then the high laced shoes! It looks like it is difficult for man with normal body form to wear this coordinates stylishly. However, it must be fun to fantasize which actor or model can fit to this suit!


The suit of Jigen is ultra skinny!

The suit featuring Jigen, who is the most fashionable in Lupin team, is made by Yuhei Yamamoto from “Tailor Caid”. Though it is for men, Elly has a confidence not to fit in this suit! The hat attached also fits to the image of Jigen.

Old tailor was in charge of Kimono of Goemon

The most popular character in Lupin III is Goemon Ishikawa, at least among Elly’s friends. He seems having ice-cold personality at first sight, but not in actual. This is a reason that he is so popular. Kimono of Goemon is reproduced from the image of his accesstor Goemon Ishikawa in ukiyoe

Of course, this character will appear too

Of course Zenigata police chief, a hidden main character of Lupin III series also appears. Speaking of Zenigata police chief, the trench coat is a symbol! Comparing to Lupin team, it is also his characteristic the coat seems more comfortable outfits.

Fujiko joins with the lip stick

Fujiko Mine, only woman character in Lupin series, is Elly’s dream when her childhood. This time, it collaborates with “Pure color Crystal Shea Lipstick” famous as “marriage hunting lip” from Estee Lauder. In addition to usual monograming service, a silhouette of Lupin III can be marked on one side of the cap for the limited term. It is possible to mark not only a silhouettete of Lupin III also the sentence saying “Ⅲ to 〇〇” expresses a present from Lupin III. I want to get “Ⅲ to Elly”!


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