This is a trend! Matured and sexy lip made by dark color

Popular dark lip to make a new face different from usual style. I collected some dark lip makeup with photos of celebrities look different from their usual style.

The trend of a dark color lip is still going on since last year. Elly also has some lip color of dark color. With being different from its looks, the color is actually gentle and it works quite effective when I want to change my looking image just a little bit. This time, I collected photos of celebrities who look good with dark lips. Please kindly refer to them.

Jessica Alba who drastically changed her healthy image

Everyone may have a healthy and clean image on Jessica Alba, however, she seems to use a dark lip when she is dressed up. It seems more matured which is different from the usual image, and it makes women look wiser. In fact, Jessica is an intelligent entrepreneur so she is just “wise woman” itself. It is very cool to have several kinds of faces to show.

Sexy makeup to emphasize Beyonce’s lip with less makeup for other parts

Beyonce’s makeup is made by focusing on only lip and not using a lot of colors on other parts to emphasize the attractiveness of a lip. By drawing a line little bit wider on actual lip, the lip will look sexier. Beautiful eyebrow line also supports the beauty of lip!

Rihanna’s lip to create the image of a strong woman

Rihanna enlivens gossip news by her rampant comments, was picked up by weird guys. However, she is a strong woman to overcome these hardships by herself. Her dark lip expresses her strong personality.

As if she were another person! Dark lip of Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner has a white skin and black hair as her trademark. When she joined the show of DIOR, she changed her appearance as a gothic & lolita with a dark color lip which is almost very similar to black color. She didn’t use any cheeks, so her white skin was emphasized and she looked like a doll. Probably men don’t like this makeup but I would like to try it!

Unexpectedly it matches cute dress! Amber Heard

In photos taken by paparazzi when her holiday, we can find she often goes out without any makeup in her private. Her impression also changes a lot depending on her makeup. In this photo, it is cutting edge that a dark lip matches the flower motif dress using orange and red color.

Lily Collins with a divine atmosphere

She often seems to use relatively dark color lip when she is dressed up. In this photo, her eyes are well made up and even too much. She looks more matured than her actual age and it is like a Venus appears in a fantasy.


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