Shirtless Michael fassbender

Michael fassbender, who acts in X-MEN series and Assassin’s Creed, takes many naked shootings in movies and magazines. Gathered his sexy upper body naked shootings.

Michael fassbender, the world famous actor by Eric & Mageneto of X-MEN series, appeals on many action movies and his body is so beautiful with heavy muscles! His face is craggy and I like his naked body with with the knot between his brows. This time I picked up his shirt-less photos.

When he played a sex addicted man (OMG! But the movie itself is a little bit heavy.) He looks bit younger than now he is.

From Macbeth in 2015. His naked scenes was a little bit in this movie but he is using this photo as promotion photo… He got it! I love those who can understand this sense..

This is a photo for a magazine. More than in beach houses in West Coast, he looks much better in places with decadent mood like this, I love this photo too!

This is shooting with Mia Wasikowska, who acted with him in Jane Eyre. I love this movie too! To be exact this is not shir-less, but he is so sexy in this cloth!

  There is also a scene his upper body naked in the latest movie Assassin’s Creed. This movie is full of action scenes and he is so nice when he is battling with his arms even he is not naked.

The last one is so hot shot! Be careful, you can’t see this at your office. I really want to know how come he took this shot.


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